You should be able to do more than just upload your music!

Don’t just be able to Upload your music!

With our digital distribution platform you are in control of your music business.

We give you a Dashboard on steroids and access to all of our Streaming Platform partners

See digital distribution companies play on your vulnerability .

They say “Keep 100% of your Royalties”, knowing most won’t make the initial investment back because of the low stream rates.

You also pay them (YEARLY) to keep your music online even if you never make $5.00

Are you really keeping “ALL” your Royalties?!

Our Distribution Partner's

Manage your music business
by having all the important TOOLS you need


You’ll be able to keep track of your payouts each and every month.

Daily Trends

Daily trends allow you to be able to see what your marketing efforts are doing for you.

Chart Tracking

Chart Tracking allows you to be able to see where your music is being sold and in which country plus more…

Sales Export

Export your sales reports for easy accounting.

Analytics Dashboard

  • Chart Monitoring
  • Upcoming and latest release’s at a glance
  • Statistic’s can be displayed in detail: Territory, Artist’s, Label’s, Shop’s, Download’s / Stream’s, etc.]
  • Export sales figures in detail down to the individual artist
  • Trend Figures [daily overview of sales in the largest shops]
  • Client Management (unlimited)
  • Unlimited number of label’s
  • Own user administration
  • Bulk upload for big catalog’s
  • Accounting
  • Independent Contract Management
  • Spotify Marketing
  • Claims and/or problem’s can be viewed down to the individual product
  • No annoying system changes, no multiple login’s
  • And much more…

claim your royalties from every youtube video playing your music

Even if you don't meet the YouTube requirements, we can still help you MONETIZE YOUR MUSIC ON YouTube

A Simplistic Commission Breakdown is

Our Share
Your Share
Your Copyrights stays yours

We're giving you more than just uploading

We are giving you the tools you need to succeed, without the yearly cost!

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